de Vagant...

Jenever is the traditional distilled spirit of flemish speaking nations mainly flavored by juniper. Actually it is the predecessor of gin. Unlike gin jenever has an incredible wide flavour varieties from chocolate to kiwi, herbs to hazelnut, etc. It is an incredible world to dive in. Tastings accompanied with beer and/or coffee are simply amazing.

Anyway if you happen to be in Antwerp and looking for some time to spend you should visit the jenever bar De Vagant on the corner of the Reynderstraat and the Pelgimstraat, They say they carry over 400 different jenevers from 50 different distilleries. Start with the jenever of the week on the black board and then get lost in their menu. They have also a restaurant upstairs and a shop across the street where you can find not all of the bottles in the menu but enough to make you stay there and stare at least half an hour at the shelves.

Their website is under construction for almost two years so it is useless but if you google their name you can reach some useful sites to look at. If you need any recommendation to start, here is one: a glass of Orval with a shot of Vieux D'anvers.

Edit after almost three years: their website is up and running..!