retsina, ouzo, mythos...

I love New York under snow... Especially during holidays but when I was trying to keep myself warm last night I suddenly found myself thinking (dreaming) of five hours I spent on Meis last July... Locals call it Meis but the rest of the world knows this piece of heaven as Kastellorizo.

We reached the island by boat from beautiful Kaş, Turkey in twenty minutes but you can also reach Meis via plane. Oddly enough this tiny island has an airport. It is an old airbase from seventies when everybody was living in their own cold war scenario in the region.

One day is definitely not enough to enjoy crystal clear sea, amazing food and crisp, tasty, ice cold Mythos which is my favorite summer time beer by the way but every minute spent there was awesome. Port of Kastellorizo has a few small but very nice looking hotels around. If anybody has an idea to spend some part of their vacation doing absolutely nothing Meis is the perfect destination I believe.

Olives, feta cheese, fresh thyme and tomato for breakfast, a bottle of retsina with grilled octopus and calamari for lunch and ouzo with mezes and grilled fish for dinner... Rest of the day is at the beach with a bottle (or more) of Mythos. Believe me it doesn't get better than this for a foodie. I am looking forward for my next visit. All I need is a lot of books, sunscreen, bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses...

I hope that I can encourage everybody who doesn't expect five star luxury from their vacation to visit this beautiful island some day.