Taverna Platanos...

Here is a new year tip for foodies planning to travel to Athens. Taverna Platanos (platanos means plane tree) has been a fixed destination for me every time I visit Athens for years. The restaurant dating back to 1932  is located on a less crowded site street of Plaka Diogoenous Street 4, which is literary under the skirts of Acropolis. If you don't have any patience with maps just ask somebody in Plaka. Everybody knows where Platanos is.

The place is not fancy looking, not very touristic, serving cheap and delicious home cooking and crowded by locals which is a good sign. Feta cheese, mousaka, lamb with artichoke, tzatziki and stuffed vine leaves are simply jaw dropping. House made retsina is marvelous. Especially during summer heat tables on the street under the vines and the giant plane tree are breezy and cool. During winter sitting in and watching rain outside is amazing. If you happen to be there for lunch also keep in mind that Museum of Popular Greek Musical Instruments is just next door. They don't accept credit cards and having a break between lunch and dinner. If you want to be on the safe side in high season reservation is recommended (+30 210 322 0666). 

Winter or summer, lunch or dinner if you have a little bit time to experience awesome greek cuisine in Athens I highly recommend to visit Taverna Platanos.