sound of music by Tarek Atoui...

Actually I was pretty excited about my visit to Salzburg for a long time. Mozart, Herbert von KarajanSound of MusicGrüner Veltliner, coffee... I was aware that I didn't have much leisure time but I wasn't planning to spend all my breaks in the venue either but it did happen. So last night after the performances knowing that I had only two maybe three hours finally I ran out of Republic at 9:30PM and the sun was already going down over this beautiful city.

After an hour walking around I was feeling so sad that I really wasn't experiencing anything I was planning to write about. When I finally found Mozart's birthplace and was staring at the building from the street I heard some sub-bass noises coming from a distance. It was pretty fun to chase down where it was coming from. After fifteen minutes of running on narrow streets I found the show on Kapitelplatz and caught the last half an hour of an amazing gig. It was a project of Argentinian choreographer Diego Gil and Lebanon musician Tarek Atoui with fifty young SEAD dancers from Salzburg. Experimental electronic music of Tarek Atoui was absolutely amazing. His lap-top and three dimensional sensors were set-up on a table and the way he was dancing and making his music was really inspiring to watch. I literally couldn't breathe till the end of the show.

So, my night ended up unexpectedly joyful and on top of everything I had my Grüner Veltliner at my hotel bar with a friendly chat with the bartender. I admit that I have a soft spot for hotel bars. Maybe I should make a top ten of them sometime.
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