a peaty, sherry cask matured afternoon in Edinburgh...

I don't think that anybody will need any suggestion how to spend good time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world but if you are a whisky person and want to come back home from Edinburgh with a special rare bottle in your bag or if you want to slow down a little in this crazy city here is one good advise for a perfect afternoon: Cadenhead's is Scotland's oldest independent bottler and their shop down on Royal Mile is absolutely an adventure. The manager Mark Davidson with his wide knowledge is ready to help you to find the whisky you will like and unlike any other whisky shop in Edinburgh Cadenhead's has tasting samples of almost every bottling they have. If you can catch Mark when the shop is not so crowded by tourists right after noon you can have a very impressive tasting session with him. Don't rush, enjoy your time there. 

After choosing your bottle(s) walk up The Royal Mile and then down towards Victoria Street. Right where Victoria Street becomes West Bow on the left side you will see The Bow Bar. It is pretty hard to miss this bright blue painted joint. This bar has a really impressive single malt whisky and cask ale selection and is also one of the oldest bars in Edinburgh. Start with one of the "malts of the week" and a pint of Scottish Ale and then get lost in their single malt binder. Afternoons in The Bow Bar is absolutely amazing till it gets crowded after dinner time. This year I spent a lot of afternoons there. Slainte..!