the vintage house of Soho...

Let's say you are in London and you are done with all the usual stuff like Tate, British Museum, National Gallerie, Buckingham Palace even Churchill War Rooms which I recommend very much by the way and looking for a last bit of excitement before you hit the pub and get drunk with British Ales. Right in the middle of Soho on Old Compton Street you will find The Vintage House the holy temple for whisky enthusiasts.

This place is more like a whisky museum than a shop. Last week I spent there three hours total in two days. If you have a little interest in whisky you have to pay a visit to The Vintage House. They carry also a wide range of selected fine rums, wines, tequilas, armagnacs and cuban cigars but I haven't seen a bigger selection of single malt whiskies anywhere else. It is a family owned business dating back to the Second World War years. They are pretty proud of the shop, love to hold long conversations about their collection and they literally know whisky... I think even online you cannot find a better collection of independent bottlers and vintage distillery editions in a price range all the way from 1£ wee bottles to 30,000£ Macallan 1926 Select Reserve.


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