spring tour 2011...

So, our spring tour is around the corner and I am getting ready to leave New York again in a few days... This time it will take almost 45 days. Our first stop is Antwerp for about ten days. Antwerp is a city I know by heart now and it will be much more exciting to go off track a little and explore more of this beautiful city's hidden scenes. Needless to say I'll try to be back also to my favorite places like de VagantM HKA, Fiskebar, Witzli Poetzli, etc.

antwerp, august 2010

After we load-out in Antwerp there are a few days off and we will be visiting Beaune in France. To be exact four nights and three days of vineyard and wine cellar visits, hiking, wine tastings, good food and laziness... We planned and dreamt a lot about this short trip and I am really looking forward. I hope to come back with a lot of photographs and a couple bottles of wine.

The second stop of the tour will be Dijon. I have never been there before and getting more and more amped about it. I hope I will have enough time after the show opens to explore the city.

catskill mountains, june 2010
Before the third and last stop of the tour my plan is to come back to New York take off as quick as I can to upstate to Woodstock and Mount Tremper area. For a week or so I'll be hiking new trails in Catskill Mountains, enjoy being isolated and maybe spend also some downtime in Woodstock. It will be refreshing...

The last leg of the tour is Amsterdam, but on our route I have a few hours of layover at Dublin Airport. I am pretty excited to visit the new Irish Whiskey Collection Store at Terminal 2 everybody is talking about. I hope I will manage to keep my calm and not to spend my entire per diem check before I even arrive Amsterdam. Anyway it's always fun to be in Amsterdam during Holland Festival. I am looking forward to visit Whisky Cafe L&B and to get lost in their amazing whisky inventory again.

Finally my last stop will be a week in Istanbul spending time with friends in my beloved hometown. Raki, fish, mezes, music, mom's cookies, concerts, bosphorus and more raki...

I will be gathering photographs, tasting notes and more for new posts all the time and try my best to post them quickly.

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Unknown said…
Bozzy, great plans. i hope all goes well and in order.
looking forward 4 yr tasting notes and new posts...bon voyage!