three beers for fall from east coast...

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger (5.2%): After I liked Sixpoint Sweet Action very much during the hottest days in Summer I decided to try all their different expressions they released in 16oz cans. Look: Copper, dark amber. Very thin head dissolves to a film in seconds after the pour. Nose: Beautiful citrusy nose which is common for all Sixpoint expressions I tasted. Lemon and lime zest, grapefruit slices blended with grassy aromas and hops. Pine and resin notes with moist garden soil smell. Palate: It's not an aggressive IPA. Hops are dominating like they should from the beginning to the finish but they never get bitter. Creamy, oily pine and juniper notes are covering the mouth. Grassy and dry finish with fennel notes. Overall: I have to say that it is not a sharp beer in IPA standarts but a multilayered and solid one. It is a great sipping beer you don't want to rush. I would pair it with spicy barbecue or roasted meat.

Sixpoint Crisp (5.2%): And here is the third beer I tasted from the new Sixpoint line this summer. Like all the others it is launched in 16oz cans. Look: Dark straw, golden. Slightly hazy. White and light bodied, quick disappearing head. Nose: Lemon zest, rosemary, pine cones. Wet grass, garden turf. Very refreshing and vibrant. Palate: Quite bitter and awakening than I expected. Citrusy and herbal with lemongrass notes. Definitely an American style brew. It doesn't leave that sweet taste in your mouth like east European pilsners. Doughy and buttery but still crisp finish. Overall: This is a perfect everyday beer with a bold character. Good for every occasion and a safe bet to serve friends who don't like to take risks with their beer. To be honest it has been the least exciting beer in Sixpoint's range for my taste but it doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. Nothing surprising but a good tasting and sharp beer... Like I said especially recommended for people who doesn't like to experiment too much with their beer.

Peak Fall Summit Ale (5.7%): Peak Organic is one of my favorite breweries from east coast. They are based in Portland, Maine and releasing amazing ales throughout the year. I thought it would be appropriate to include their Fall Summer Ale to this post. It comes in 12oz bottles. I will be tasting it for the first time... Look: Incredibly clear, dark amber color with an elegant red gleam. Off white thick and firm head. Nose: Earthy aromas, dry soil, beach sand... Dark chocolate, hops and pine. Malty... Palate: Creamy, grain and roasted malt notes. Some stout taste hits the tongue. Less hoppy than the nose suggested. Roasted pine nuts, arabica coffee and cocoa nibs followed by a surprising sweet butterscotch finish. Those caramel notes at the finish reminded me Innis & Gunn a little bit. It is a great beer which tastes like barrel aged beers. Overall: I absolutely loved it. Another amazing sipping beer from Peak Organic. It is multi-layered and balanced. I think it would be a better fit for colder months though.