packing for 8th Oslo Whisky Festival...

Last night I was at Whisky Fest New York and had great fun. I will be posting about the Whisky Fest a little later since right now I am packing hectically to leave to Oslo. I will be away for almost a month. It is our Fall Tour to Oslo and Toulouse but somehow I managed to leave three days earlier than my regular schedule to be able to attend 8. Oslo Whisky Festival before we load-in National Theater of Oslo. Actually I started to work on this trip months ago but especially after I met the founder and the organizer of the Festival Chris Maile last August it got real and now to feel pretty amped up for my visit...

I am looking forward to meet new people from the industry and local whisky enthusiasts, taste new and European and Scandinavian only expressions, take tasting notes and enjoy the Festival. Needless to say spending time at Oslo's excellent whisky bars such as Whisky BarDoktor Jekylls Pub and Underbar will be a bonus. The Festival starts November 4th, Friday at 5PM and will continue next day till 8PM. The masterclasses schedule stretches also into two days with the participation of familiar names of the industry. I have already made my reservation for Charlie MacLean's class and thinking also to attend Ingvar Ronde's class if my schedule allows.

Please leave a comment below or send me an email if you want to know anything special about Oslo Whisky Festival or if you have any questions you want me to direct to Chris Maile. I hardly can wait till tomorrow... It's going to be a lot of fun.

After Oslo I will be traveling to Toulouse all way south to Midi-Pyrenees, France. I have never been in Toulouse before and to be honest I feel very excited about the local cuisine and wine. We will be also trying to visit the picturesque little town Albi everybody is talking about on one of our days off. Since we are going to be also pretty close to Armagnac region I am hoping to be able to taste some good expressions and choose one to bring back. I will try to post photos, tasting notes, notes about restaurants and bars as quick as I can.
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