getting ready for Whisky Live Boston...

So, it's official... I am moving to Cambridge in September. New job, new city, basically a new life... I feel the same excitement and insecurity at the same time when I first moved to New York from Istanbul almost ten years ago. In the beginning I was a little concerned how to meet other whisky enthusiasts, how to attend tastings, basically how to find my way into the whisky scene of Cambridge and Boston. I asked some help from close friends and they immediately introduced me to other whisky geeks in the area. Thank you very much for Malt Maniacs & Friends and Friends of Jewmalt Whisky for that. It looks like I will have great time there.

Tom Bulleit in Whisky Live New York, 2011
Besides all I also realized a few weeks ago that first ever Whisky Live Boston is happening two days after I move to Cambridge..! I am pretty psyched that my first post from Boston will be about Whisky Live. I like Whisky Live more than other whisky shows in the States. It's not overcrowded, people are not stepping on top of each other to reach the tables and you can actually take your time to talk to people. It has a calmer pace. Masterclasses are not announced yet but I will be posting about the program when it gets close.

bartender competition in Whisky Live New York, 2011
For me whisky festivals are great opportunities to meet new enthusiasts, to talk about their products and basically to geek out about whisky for an entire night. So, I am looking forward to be there the evening of September 22nd and meet the fellow whisky geeks from Boston area. Let me know if you will be attending..!