Layover Thanksgiving Special...

So, I am getting ready to shoot my very own episode of Layover Thanksgiving Special... It will start on Wednesday afternoon by flying from Boston to Edinburgh. After spending only a night I will fly right away to Antwerp for two nights and then back to Boston by Sunday afternoon... Needless to say it will be exhausting beyond belief and will give me two jet-lags in four days! So I have to plan very carefully and use my tiny bit of free time left between the meetings and traveling very wisely and with full efficiency. I gave some thoughts and here is the hit list:

November 22nd, Thursday evening, Edinburgh: I couldn't decide about where I will have my Thanksgiving dinner yet. It can be at Howies or at Ondine for the old times sake... Or maybe Omar Khayyam if I feel like taking a cab. But something I know for sure, I will be at Bow Bar right after. I will order a pint of a perfect Scottish Cask Ale and if I am lucky I will have the chance to sample their own whisky which should be ready by then. If not c'est la vie... I'll start with the "dram of the day".

November 23rd, Friday morning, Edinburgh: I have to make sure that I arrive early enough to the Edinburgh Airport to spend some good time at Duty Free to choose a bottle to bring back.

November 23rd, Friday evening, Antwerp: I am so psyched to have a long dinner at the one and only Fiskebar. As I mentioned here before Fiskebar is one of my favorite restaurants on mainland Europe and I am really looking forward for the Friday night. I should head to De Vagant right after. A glass of Orval with a shot of aged malt jenever will be a great treat.

November 24th, Saturday afternoon and evening, Antwerp: I am hoping my job will be finished on Saturday a little earlier than the other days. So, it's a perfect day to rush to Anverness, sample some whiskies at the back room and geek out with Peter De Decker for hours. I don't have a dinner plan for that night. There are a few place I have in my mind but let's see how the afternoon at Anverness will evolve. But I am planning to pay a short visit to my favorite bar in Antwerp Witzli Poetzli.

November 25th, Sunday: Back home...