Blend Project: Standings...

The Druid, Cambridge MA
In two years I tasted 19 blended Scotch whiskies under the Blend Project tag on this blog. The search is not completed without a doubt... There are many more candidates out there and I will keep tasting. Let me remind you what my goal was to begin with though: I wanted to find the best price/value bottom shelf blended Scotch to keep you company and your favorite ale when having a good time at your local bar or pub... I had two rules: It should be priced less than $30 a bottle and it shouldn't be an exclusive release. If I did include a few bottles bending those rules I made sure that they lost extra points against a cheaper and/or higher volume release to keep the ranking fair.

Actually the more important reason I wanted to go through an experience like this is, that I always respected well done budget blends... I think to blend a whisky to be sold in five continents over 100 countries with the same consistency for decades and decades and still to manage to keep its price tag under 30 bucks a bottle is way harder than bottling a few hundred bottles of a 40 year old single cask single malt whisky and selling it for thousands of dollars in a few duty free shops. And I truly respect that...

So, after more than two years and nineteen bottles my top five (not particularly in this order) is below. You might disagree with it and its all ok. Like I said before I will continue tasting and will keep updating the list. Let's check the list again after I hit the thirty mark...

Highland Fusilier
Campbeltown Loch
Slaintheva 12yo
Scottish Leader

Needless to say it is all based on my own personal scorings... Please let me know what you think. Drop me a message, leave a comment below or send me a sample if you want to see your favorite blend in the list.

The Old Duke, Bristol England

The Ardview Inn, Port Ellen Scotland