Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky...

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky (50.0%): And the last Amrut sample on my desk this month... Amrut Fusion is an expression from distillery's core range and is a vat of whiskies distilled from Indian malt and Scottish peated malt.

Color: Honey, dark yellow gold.

Nose: Thick and oily... Diesel fuel, ocean spray, brine and ash. Fuel soaked hemp, dirty oakum. New car tires, banana peppers on barbecue and iodine tincture. Cocoa powder, burnt flan, peppermint and cumin seeds. Now this is a nose you can spend a long time with... It is hard to believe that the whisky is so young after all.

Palate: Peat is as present as it was on the nose but more widespread and integrated now... More like a backbone. Nutmeg, milk chocolate, toasted cardamon pods and ground cloves. Slightly burnt peach and nectarine slices on the skillet pie you just took out of the oven... Crunchy malt, red plums and ripe apricots. Gently toasted oak notes you usually get from an old bourbon... Toasted coconut flakes and lightly roasted coffee beans. Seriously tasty palate... Layer after layer after layer. I am really enjoying every drop of this sample now.

Finish: Long and gentle. Peat, sweet fireplace ash, oak, burnt sugar and spiced hot cocoa.

Overall: This is a great whisky... Period... Hard not to be a fan of. A solid bed made of gentle but persistent peat with very elegant cocoa notes. Sweet spices and stone fruits. Now this is a bottle you want to keep in your whisky cabinet permanently. I didn't even think of adding water at 100 proof... Well, next time... I am definitely getting a bottle first time I see one on the shelves. Thanks again to Raj Sabharwal for the sample.

Price: $66