Springbank Local Barley 16yo...

Springbank Local Barley 16yo (54.3%): Long awaited resurrection of famous 1965 and 1966 local barley bottlings and apparently the first one of five annual releases planned. It is distilled in 1999 from prisma barley variety harvested from Low Machrimore Farm in Kintyre. Bottled from a vat of 80% ex-bourbon, 20% ex-sherry casks and only 9000 bottles have been made available worldwide.

Color: Bright yellow, yellow daisies under bright sunshine.

Nose: Dusty and moldy. Thick old woolen scarves coming out of the trunk with the first snow flakes of winter. Freshly milled malt, spilled diesel fuel, wet hemp rope soaked in engine oil and lemon zest. Unaged pear brandy, olive brine and sea salt... After allowing it to air the whisky gets more fruity and less peaty. And on top of it just a couple of drops of water and voila: Canned pineapple rings, white peaches, apricot compote and burnt apple pie. Saw dust... Nothing fancy though, pine or plywood. Dried hay stacks and candied lemon jelly. I could nose this for another hour but let's move on...

Palate: Hot and salty on the palate before adding water. I am still on that small wooden fishing boat in Mediterranean I started to dream while I was nosing... Brine, engine oil and fresh rosemaries. Sea salt dried on your skin, fresh caught fish smell on your hands and wet wood. Again a few drops of water works beautifully: Olive oil, dried herring and poached pears. Sweet tea biscuits and a very thin layer of orange blossom honey at the back of your tongue.

Finish: Long with darker and thicker honey, white pepper, salt, fireplace smoke and ash.

Overall: Well, I knew that it will be good but this is very good... It did justify the price tag surprisingly and I have to admit that I was a little skeptical in the beginning. The whisky is totally enjoyable at full strength but I have to say water works great if you can manage to keep it only a few drops. I should get a bottle when I had a chance... Well, too late now. Nevertheless huge thanks to the one and only Jens Fischer for sending me this sample all the way from Goosefeld, Germany and also for snapping the photo above. Cannot wait to share some drams with you in that beautiful garden of yours Jens..!

Price: $180