Paul John Brilliance...

Paul John Brilliance (46.0%): And the fourth and last sample from Paul John Distillery... It is called Brilliance, distilled from Indian six row barley and matured in ex-bourbon barrels.

Color: Yellow gold.

Nose: Pine nuts, kumquat and lemon. Sunflower seeds, malted barley and alfalfa sprouts. Dusty, chalky and nutty. Fresh cut grass, unsalted butter and plain cheesecake. A couple drops of water works great, less vegetal, sweeter and more nutty now: Hazelnuts, caramelized walnuts and bitter almond cookies.

Palate: Creamy, waxy and malty... Crunchy oatmeal cookies, raw honey and Clif Bar energy bars. Roasted hazelnuts and chocolate covered almonds. Nutmeg and milk foam. Less waxy after adding water but still holding its great creamy texture and way too easy to drink now.

Finish: Long with nutmeg dusting, cinnamon and toasted oak staves. Malted barley.

Overall: By now I shouldn't be surprised by another good whisky from Paul John but I still am somehow... Great texture, nicely layered and complex. At at the end I ended up tasting four different expressions from Paul John in less than a month. Although all of them were unique and characteristic I am gerenarlly impressed with the consistently nutty, waxy and creamy distillery profile at the core. I can say that my favorite among four was Edited but I enjoyed the entire line-up. Cannot wait to taste new releases from Paul John distillery in the future... All the samples generously supplied by Madhu Kanna and Ajay Bhoja. Thanks again..!

Price: $60