Paul John Edited...

Paul John Edited (46.0%): And the second sample from Paul John's line up... It is called Edited. It is a single malt whisky made by blending unpeated and peated whiskies both distilled from six row barley like in Classic Select Cask. Latter one is dried up to 20 - 25 ppm with peat imported from Scotland.

Color: Medium amber, orange blossom honey with persistent legs.

Nose: Peat is there but not very punchy... It is sweet and calm. I am getting roasted sunflower seeds on the nose again. Such a distinct distillery signature... Gauze pads and rubber bands. Roasted hazelnuts and roasted almonds. Incredibly sweet and vegetal on the nose. Celery sticks, dandelion leaves and brown sugar. With water it gets tad more grainy: Dried malt fresh out of the kiln, sandalwood and walnut shells.

Palate: Gosh... This is beautiful... Very delicate peat, dried malt and burnt oatmeal cookies. Sweet and doughy... Almost like a smoky rum if such a thing existed and sweet sausages on barbecue. A little too easy to drink with a dusty and chalky texture. A few drops of water add green apples, underripe pineapple slices, Asian pear some cocoa powder...

Finish: Not so long but very gentle with fireplace ash, barbecued banana peppers and rock salt.

Overall: Now this is a great whisky... Sweet, malty, dusty and just the right amount of peat. Easy to drink, balanced and very well crafted. It is a whisky you would wish to have a bottle of at home all around the year. I am seriously hooked... Cannot wait to taste the other two samples of the line-up. Thanks to Madhu Kanna and Ajay Bhoja for the official sample.

Price: $65