Blanche de Normandie...

Blanche de Normandie (40.0%): Another brandy I mentioned in the malternative of the year category in my "top ten of 2016" post but didn't have time to edit its review before the year was over.

This one is an unaged calvados from the famous Calvados producer Christian Drouin. It is distilled from apple and pear ciders made from fruits harvested from Coeur de Lion orchards.

Color: Clear with thin legs.

Nose: Cold pear compote, Honeycrisp apples and unaged grappa. Fresh green asparagus, cotton painters rags and linseed oil. The nose doesn't give it away like a distilled spirit... It noses mostly like a cider. Soft, fruity and sweet... Not a hint of young alcohol burn and/or new spirit aromas whatsoever.

Palate: Incredibly easy drinking for an unaged spirit... Oily and mouth covering texture. Apples are greener and tarter now: Golden Delicious and Granny Smith. I barely catch pear notes by the way, it is definitely more apple forward on the palate. Underripe white peaches and nectarines.

Finish: Medium long with dried apple slices and a touch of white pepper.

Overall: It is very creamy, fruity and way too easy to drink... I personally would prefer it at a higher abv. at least at high forties but it is what it is. Years and years ago in France when I saw that they serve ice creams and sorbets in little bowls topped with a generous amount of eau de vie I totally fell in love with the idea. I started to use the same trick at home ever since and I cannot wait to try this bottle the same way. Yum... If you like trying different eau de vies you should definitely add this one to your list...

Price: $50