Stalk and Barrel Blue Blend...

Stalk and Barrel Blue Blend (40.0%): Still Waters Distillery from Ontario, Canada is one of my favorite North American distilleries of the last decade. Their whiskies are consistent in style which I happened to like a lot and you know that you won't be surprised in any new release they bottle. They just get better in time... I like their single malts, ryes and blends they bottled in past years but didn't have a chance to taste their Red and Blue Blends which were released last fall. Thanks to Raj Sabharwal and PVI Global I received both samples a couple weeks ago and will start with the blue blend today... It is a blend of rye, single malt and corn whiskies and replaced the white label blend in their portfolio so far I know.

Color: Lemon chiffon, straw.

Nose: Very thin and light... Everything is kinda in a distance: Acetone, paper glue and polenta. Marzipan, chocolate milk and Granny Smith apples. You have to be really focused to get the aromas, it is an incredibly quiet and shy nose. And very young...

Palate: Very thin on the palate as well... It is a light and easygoing whisky. Reminds me the light whiskeys from MGP. Underripe Concorde pears and Honeycrisp apples. Some watered down rye whisky notes: nutmeg, cinnamon and green wood. Orange bitters, lemon bars and caramel fillings.

Finish: You would think that it will be short but it's not short. Starts with lemon juice and fade out with white pepper. Warming.

Overall: It is a sweet and mellow everyday whisky. I would say it is in the same category with young Scotch blends with high grain whisky content and like I mentioned above with American light whiskeys. I can see how easy it would fit in every possible highball or how refreshing it would be in a tumbler with a lot of ice. It's created for it... If I had a bottle at home I would save it for summer afternoons. I didn't even think of adding water by the way. It's good as it is... Thanks again to Raj Sabharwal and PVI Global for the sample.

Price: $33