Blend Project #24 Dewar's 12...

Dewar's 12 (40.0%): A brand new Blend Project post after quite a long time. I missed it very much. I actually have some amazing dusties coming up soon for the Blend Project which I am very excited about... Dewar's White Label was the very first bottle I started the project with back in 2013. Since then I reviewed 23 different whiskies under the Blend Project tag and still continue to look for the best Scotch blends available under $30. I honestly don't have a lot of geeky details about Dewar's 12. Sometimes it's for the best... Let's start right away... Oh, cork..! Fancy...

Color: Medium amber with very thin legs around the glass.

Nose: Surprise: very very faint peat but quite catchy. Sweet pastries: mille feuille, cream puffs and Boston cream pie. Marzipan, lemon meringue pie and fruit jellos. It's sweet and creamy but a little thin.

Palate: Less sweet on the palate, more vegetal, salty and less creamy. Fresh fennel, bitter greens, star anise and green malt. Sweet notes come as fruits instead of pastries. Ripe Bartlett pears and Asian pears. Smoke is still there somewhere at the back... More like in the form of barbecued vegetables now and wet cardboards.

Finish: Peppery, perfumy and bitter. Medium. A little alcohol burn, charcoal smoke and lemon juice. 

Overall: I was expecting a sweeter palate but it is a very vegetal, green and bittersweet dram. Ok, I might be making an educated guess here now but I feel like I can taste some Glen Deveron malts in this blend: Salty with asparagus, artichoke and dandelion leaves notes... The grain whiskies in the blend are quite young where they pop up as peppery and bitter notes at the finish. Nevertheless it's a very decent dram and a huge step up from Dewar's White Label without a doubt considering it's price tag of $24 only.

Price: $24