Drouet XO Ulysse Cognac...

Drouet XO Ulysse Cognac (40.3%): I don't usually taste cognacs on this blog but when I do, I make sure that I do my homework not to embarrass myself... Here is some bland but straight info about the brand which would make Wikipedia jealous: The Drouet & Fils Estate is situated in Grand Champagne Cru in Cognac region and sits on over fifty acres of vineyards. Their eau de vie is distilled in 1000 liter alembic stills using only grapes harvested in mid-September and filled in new casks ranging from 250 liters to 400 liters. After the initial maturation between six months and one year the eau de vie is transferred to older casks for the rest of the aging. Drouet XO Ulysse is a blend of eau de vies aged between 16 and 24 years. Well it definitely looks like I am in for a treat though...

Color: Medium amber with a red hue.

Nose: Oh, yes... Old leather bomber jackets and disintegrating leather upholstery... Casual strolling through the aisles of a second hand bookstore in a rainy day. Chocolate flavored pipe tobacco, cooked zante currants and raisins. Cumin, allspice and cinnamon. After airing a minute or two we get orange jam, pineapple rings and fresh mango. Don't want to stop nosing now... Lychee juice and honey roasted nuts. Palate can wait for a while longer. It is just gorgeous...

Palate: Fennel seeds and star anise... Dried mulberries, coffee beans and fresh apricots. Cigar butt, bitter lemon and creme caramel. Custard, dried dates and old school cream soda. Licorice and root beer. Milk chocolate, hazelnut spread and meadow flowers. Rose petals... Such an old fashioned, musty, calm and refined taste. 

Finish: Long and warming with cinnamon and cloves.

Overall: Well, this is a brandy which would convert you from whisky to cognac in a heartbeat. Old, layered and bold. Once again it is a proof how blending is a high art form perfected in centuries in Cognac region... Thanks to Raj Sabharwal and PVI Global for the official sample.

Price: $160