Krog Whisky Glentauchers 9yo...

Krog Whisky Glentauchers 9yo (46.0%): Whisky Kruger is a whisky speciality shop in Holzbunge, Germany which also houses a whisky museum displaying owner Thomas Kruger's private collection. They frequently bottle single casks under their shop label Krog Whisky and this 9 year old Glentauchers is one of those casks... It is distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2016. We don't see Glentauchers bottlings in the market very often but it is actually a pretty sizable Speyside distillery with a capacity of 4.2 million liters alcohol per year. They mainly distill malt for Pernod Ricard's Ballentine's blend. It is one of my favorite under the radar distilleries to hunt for with Bladnoch, Tormore and Benrinnes. I remember tasting quite a few very good releases from different independent bottlers before and I am sure this one will not disappoint as well..

Color: Green gold with thin but persistent legs around the glass.

Nose: Pear compote. white peaches and apple pie. Pine needles, juniper berries and fresh thyme. Clay, cinnamon dusting and nutmeg. Maple butter...

Palate: Savory scones, lightly salted almonds, mineral water and salted caramel bites. It is creamy, doughy and also savory. I was expecting a much sweeter palate after the nose but this is a quite nice surprise... Chocolate milk and salted milk chocolate bars with some green and vegetal notes at the background like asparagus, dandelion leaves and salted butter.

Finish: Medium long with white pepper, rock salt and almonds.

Overall: This is a very nice young whisky... While the youngness of the spirit is pronounced with green and salty notes the sherry cask adds loads of spicy and poached fruit notes to balance them out. I like it, easy to drink, definitely memorable and also not so expensive. A higher abv would definitely give a little more texture which the whisky lacks on the palate a little but it is still a very good whisky. The big shout out here goes to one and only Jens Fisher a.k.a. Whisky Quiz for carrying this bottle all the way from Holzbunge to Campbeltown Malts Festival just because he knew that I like Glentauchers..! Jens, you rock..!

Price: €45