Pusser's Rum Gunpowder Proof...

Pusser's Rum Gunpowder Proof (54.5%): When I first started to hit the London pub scene in late 90s as a young kid I was blown away with the amazing culture embedded in it. I wanted to learn more and wanted to spend more time around without drawing too much attention. I simply wanted to blend in... So I started to pretend to be a regular or rather an experienced pubgoer by mimicking other cool cats around me. One of the first things I learned was ordering a glass of Bell's or a Pusser's Blue Label to accompany my pint... So, that's how I first met the brand Pusser's in late 90s. It is a classical brand with an iconic bottle and label design... Hard to miss when you see it on a store or a bar shelf. This particular expression I will be tasting is blended from Guyanese rums only as the label indicates.

Color: Dark amber, mahogany with almost a red hue. Quite satisfying oily (sugary?) legs around the glass.

Nose: Brown sugar, molasses and nutmeg. Pungent... Cooked prunes, dates, hot tar and new car tires. Pretty young and raw distillate aromas... Hint of struck matches, powdered ginger and mold. Forest floor after a heavy pour.

Palate: Sweet but not overwhelming. Baklava syrup, zante currants and burnt molasses. Almost like tasting leftover pot scrapings after a homemade caramel cooking attempt which slightly went wrong... Vanilla, grilled pineapple rings and whole cloves. Orange peel jam, wet tobacco and tar again. 

Finish: Medium long with sugar burn and molasses. It leaves an odd plasticky and sugary aftertaste...

Overall: Way better than I was remembering actually. I liked it... I think (to my surprise) I can even sip it after adding a few drops of water. Definitely will do great in cocktails and highballs but I really enjoyed it sipping as well. Only thing that threw me off was that plasticky aftertaste.

Late edit: Today while I was editing my tasting notes after scribbling them down on a piece of paper almost two months ago and I can say that the bottle is long gone... It is kinda amazing how fast we killed it at home after we opened it. We must have liked it... Well, it looks like I will be getting another bottle soon.

Price: $40