Dalwhinnie 15yo...

Dalwhinnie 15yo (43.0%): Although Dalwhinnie was chosen back in 1988 to represent Highlands region as a part of "Classic Malts of Scotland" series by United Distillers and Vintners which is now Diageo, the distillery is actually situated in Speyside way south close to the Highlands border. It is marketed and labeled as a Highland Single Malt for years though. With 2.2 million liters capacity Dalwhinnie is one of the best selling single malts of Diageo's portfolio and also the key malt of Buchanan's blended whisky. The distillery is also famous of being the highest distillery in Scotland.

Color: Yellow gold, oaked Chardonnay with fast legs.

Nose: That beautiful smell you get the moment you walk into a distillery... Sweet malt, honey syrup, honeysuckle blossoms and hyacinths. Unripe white peaches, peach ice tea and nectarines. Everything reminds you about early spring here... Heathers, strawberries and fresh apricots.

Palate: A fuller texture than you would expect from the nose... Less floral more malty and cereal. Malted barley, rich tea biscuits and orange blossom honey. Whiff of smoke. Smoke is very subtle but persistent.

Finish: Medium-long... Malt, bitter almonds cookies and toasted oak. 

Overall: Well, who can complain about this whisky..? It is malty, floral, fruity, textured and damn tasty. It is reasonably priced, carries an age statement and widely available all over the world. It is one of the bottles I grab when I don't have a strong opinion about what to pour but I know that I want some whisky when I come back home after a long work day. Solid, solid dram... Simplicity distilled into a bottle.

Price: $65