Officer's Choice...

Officer's Choice (42.8%): And finally on Day 3 we have the world's best selling whisky brand on the desk: Officer's Choice... It's owned by Allied Blenders & Distillers, introduced in 1988 and sold an unbelievable amount of 32.9 million cases in 2016.

Color: Dark gold with thin and slow legs.

Nose: Lemon juice, dry dirt and alcohol. 

Palate: Artificial sweetener, rubbing alcohol and cheap sweetened rum. Gosh, it's oozing sweet... Not good by any means.

Finish: That sweetness on the palate lingers longer than you would ever want. And when it's finally over all we have left is alcohol burn...

Overall: Very sweet... They must have added tons of sweeting agents in this thing. I don't think that it is suitable to be consumed without mixing it with something, anything... Many thanks again to Susannah Skiver Barton for all these samples, it was tremendous fun..!

Price: $14


*taken from Malt Whisky Yearbook 2018 by Ingvar Ronde