Faultline Ben Nevis 21yo...

Faultline Ben Nevis 21yo (46.4%): By now everyone knows that I have quite a soft spot for Ben Nevis... That being said I had no choice but to get a bottle when K&L Wine Merchants came up with a single cask bottling under their Faultline label a few months ago. It is a 21 years old Ben Nevis matured in a second fill ex-bourbon hogshead. The cask is filled in 1995 and bottled in 2016 in collaboration with Alexander Murray like the rest of the recent Faultline line-up released around the same time.

Color: Yellow gold with fast and faint legs.

Nose: Bees wax, raw honey and banana milkshake. Lemon twist, lemon bars, malt and bread crumbs. Loose green tea leaves and coriander seeds. Hot toddy and candle wax... Enjoying it, so far so good...

Palate: Quite thin texture, almost watery... Green tea (or maybe chamomile tea this time) and malt. Breakfast cereal with milk, cinnamon and papaya. White pepper... Despite its thin mouthfeel the palate is very layered. Roasted sunflower seeds and mild wasabi peas.

Finish: Medium... Dusty malt and horseradish. Fading out with buzzing white pepper.

Overall: I wonder if this whisky would have a fuller texture if it was settled at a slightly higher strength... Just a thought. Anyway, it is still a good whisky no matter what and I am quite happy to have a bottle in my cabinet. By the way, did I mention that it was 90 bucks? This 21 year old whisky is only 90 dollars... Mental... I'll leave it there. Well done K&L

Price: $90