Talisker The Distillers Edition (2015 release)...

Talisker The Distillers Edition (2015 release) (45.8%): A lucky find... It is the 2015 release of the Talisker Distillers Edition. The whisky is distilled in 2005, finished in Amoroso casks and bottled in 2015. Let's dive right into it...

Color: Medium - dark amber, chestnut honey. Looks like a hefty dose of caramel coloring to me... Faint but slow and thick legs.

Nose: Pretty mute in the beginning... Pimm's, candied orange slices and fresh herbs; dill and mint. After airing quite a while: Warm sea breeze, Toffifee caramel candies and cocoa powder. Diesel fuel and oil soaked cotton rags. Irish Spring bar soap... It's weirdly soapy.

Palate: Sweet, thin and watery... Vanilla, toffee and almonds. Toasted wood and Meyer lemons. No Talisker black pepper whatsoever, bummer... Milk chocolate, red apple skin and fireplace smoke.

Finish: Medium... Dill, lime juice and ash.

Overall: Well, this was a huge letdown. It is bland, watery and syrupy. One flat boring whisky... There were glimpses of some interesting notes like those Pimm's and dill notes but they disappeared as quick as they appeared... It is very hard to explain how they possibly ended up with this whisky though. We all know what the distillery is capable of; Talisker 10yo or 18yo are magnificent whiskies. Odd... I wonder if there are significant differences between different releases. Maybe I should try to taste a release from a different year. To be honest I have never been a fan of Distillers Editions anyhow regardless what distillery they are from. They always felt far-fetched and gimmicky to me... I always thought that the regular Classic Malts releases are far more interesting. At the end I definitely wouldn't buy another bottle and/or recommend anyone to do so but it sure did make me appreciate the Talisker 10yo more than ever.

Price: $90