Darroze Domaine de la Poste 1980 36yo...

Darroze Domaine de la Poste 1980 36yo (48.3%): Back to the sample yard... Today's pick is a 1980 vintage armagnac from Domaine de La Poste bottled by Darroze. It is distilled 100% from ugni blanc grapes in a continuous still at 55% abv and matured in Gascon oak casks before it got bottled in February 2016 at 36 years of age.

Color: Quite light for a spirit which spent 36 years in a cask. Yellow gold with a thin haziness. Fat, oily but fast legs around the glass.

Nose: Dried apricots, vanilla and fresh mint. Jonquils, Granny Smith apples and lemon twist. Dusty... Chalky soil orange marmalade and blanched almonds.... Sweet, citrusy and surprisingly fresh nose.

Palate: Perfumy... Lightly toasted oak, poached pears and warm almond croissant. Dragon fruit, alcohol soaked prunes and golden raisins. Vanilla and toasted coconut. Refreshing and light in texture but rich with exotic fruits, spearmint leaves and citrus notes.

Finish: As long as it gets. A never ending slow fade with citrus peel, bitter lemon and wood tannins.

Overall: I can see why people think that Armagnac-Ténarèze distillates reach their peak at a later age compared to brandies coming from Bas-Armagnac and Haut-Armagnac. This is a beautiful floral and citrusy brandy with tons of tropical fruit notes. It's fresh, minty, not too sweet and not too woody despite of being in a cask for 36 years. Loved it... Once again many thanks to Derek Kendzor for the sample.

Price: $160