Domaine de Lagardenne 1973 43yo...

Domaine de Lagardenne 1973 43yo (50.0%): A small sample from a producer that doesn't distill anymore... It is a 43 year old Armagnac from Domaine de Lagardenne distilled in 1973 and bottled on December 27th, 2016. Just one day before my 44th birthday... Mainly Ugni Blanc with some addition of Baco grapes are used for the distillate.

Color: Dark amber, chestnut honey with thin but slow legs.

Nose: This is pretty amazing. It totally noses like a bourbon from 60s or 70s. Candied orange peel, orange zest jam and crystalized ginger. Dusty... Candy apple on a stick, old furniture and rosewater. Sesame and walnut brittles. This is quite a beautiful nose but oddly it still noses like an old bourbon.

Palate: Thick and velvety mouthfeel. It feels appropriately as an old spirit on the tongue... And this time like a brandy not like a bourbon. The palate is not as busy as the nose. It is concentrated and subtle instead. Ripe brown Turkey figs, apple strudel and apple skin. Toasted wood, furniture polish and honey roasted nuts like Nuts 4 Nuts . Brittles and dark caramel.

Finish: Lasts forever with bitter orange peel, cinnamon and bitter chocolate. Dry...

Overall:  Well, somebody figured out how to mature a spirit more than 40 years and not make it taste like distilled wood. This is an absolutely gorgeous Armagnac... God, it would be nice to own a bottle. Such a pleasure to take a sip and let the liquid take its time fading out slowly. Don't know if you still can find it around but $200 for this bottle is not a stretch by any means. Thanks to Derek Kendzor for the sample.

Price: $200