Glen Scotia Single Cask 8yo...

Glen Scotia Single Cask Medium Peated 8yo 2009 (61.4%): And here is the second cask sample we brought back from the dunnage tasting at the Glen Scotia Distillery led by Iain McAlister and Charles Maclean the first day Campbeltown Malts Festival'17... This one is a way younger whisky. It is 8 years old, distilled in 2009, medium-peated, aged in a first fill ex-bourbon cask and bottled at the tasting on May 24th, 2017 at a whopping strength of 61.4% abv.

Color: Straw, pale yellow with thick and slow moving legs.

Nose: Ocean spray, wet sand and lemon zest. Still smoking bonfire on the beach the morning after, Irish Spring soap bar and jonquils. Grilled bell peppers and aged balsamic vinegar. Doesn't show its high abv at the nose at all. With a few drops of water it gets even more vegetal and grassy: Green asparagus, barbecue ash and bitter greens.

Palate: It is hot on the palate... Green and red banana peppers and alcohol burn. After adding water it gets more approachable and also pretty dry. Wet cardboard, white pepper, and white vine vinegar. Sea salt, dried rosemary stalks and grilled pineapples.

Finish: Long and mouth numbing with white pepper and dry grass.

Overall: Well, it says medium-peated but it actually tastes pretty peated to me... All the good stuff we like in a young peated coastal whisky: Sea salt, bonfires, grilled vegetables and fresh herbs. It is a solid example what the distillery is capable of with their new extended cask management program nowadays even with very young whiskies. For the last five years we are watching Glen Scotia carving their own space in the industry slowly but surely and they are almost there. Exciting times for Campbeltown. Kudos again to Mr. Iain McAlister...

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Glen Scotia Distillery // May, 2017