Murray McDavid Ledaig 2004 6yo...

Murray McDavid Ledaig 2004 6yo (46.0%): Next sample  I grabbed from my desk is a 6 year old Ledaig distilled in 2004 aged entirely in an ex-sherry cask and bottled by Murray McDavid.

Color: Honey, light amber with very thin but slow legs.

Nose: Sticky and viscous peat and full on Oloroso sherry. Honey roasted nuts and sesame seeds. 
Burnt hay and plastic food containers. It gets sweeter in time: Tahini, strawberry jam and vanilla pod scrapings. Candied figs and gummi beards. Kinda young but stands firm against the hefty sherry influence.

Palate: Very piney first... Pine cones, rosemary and pine sap. It opens up and add layers after allowing it air for a bit. Roasted chestnuts, almonds and grilled vegetables. Green banana peppers and dried strawberries. Mulberry juice and blueberry jam.

Finish: Long with white pepper, hot banana peppers and bitter greens.

Overall: Really..? Did they really sell this whisky for $40..? How did I miss it..? I should have bought a case when I had a chance. To be honest I hated to see Murray McDavid fade out from the scene after the acquisition of Bruichladdich by Remy Cointreau and after the brand being sold to Aceo Limited following that. I really want them to come back stronger than ever under the new ownership... Back then they bottled fantastic and exciting whiskies and also rums at very reasonable prices and I hope that they will continue to do so and eventually find more shelf space and distribution outside of UK as well. Thanks to Florin for the sample...

Price: $40