tire-bouchon's top of 2018...

II - distillery/bottler of the year: Barrell Bourbon

New Middleton Distillery
Single Cask Nation

III - brew of the yearOude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston by 3 Fonteinen

2. Cuvee de Tome by The Lost Abbey
3. Urgose Märzen by Ritterguts Gose
4. Irony & Pity by Libertine Brewing Company
5. Evel Kern Evel by Kern River Brewing Company
6. 28 Haze Later by Beachwood Brewing
7. 3056 Pale 03 by Eagle Rock Brewery
8. Oude Lambic (3 year unblended) by Hanseens Artisanal
9. The Old Rusty Gun by MacLeod Ale Brewing Company
10. Digable Dugable by Mumford Brewing

IV - brewery of the year: Libertine Brewing Company, San Luis Obispo CA

Hanseens Artisanal, Dworp Belgium
Kern River Brewing Company, Kernville CA

V - "best bang for the buck" of the year: Old Ezra 7yo (88)

2. Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend
3. Doctor Bird Moscatel Finish (88)

VI - whisky-alternative of the year: Domaine D'Ognoas 1966 Single Cask (92)

2. Domaine de Lagardenne 1973 43yo (91)
3. Chateau de Pellehaut 1989 28yo (91)