Krügers Glentauchers 8yo...

Krügers Glentauchers 8yo (63.9%): One of my favorite distilleries by one of my favorite independent bottlers... Although Whisky Kruger is first and foremost a whisky shop in Holzbunge, Germany they actually have a finger in every pie: They house a whisky museum displaying mostly owner Thomas Kruger's private collection, they choose regularly magnificent casks to bottle under their own label and they also run an international online whisky auction site at This 8 years old Glentauchers is distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2014 after spending its entire life in a fresh sherry cask. The cask yielded 324 bottles at a whopping strength of 63.9% abv. 

Color: Orange blossom honey, polished copper with barely moving thick and oily legs.

Nose: Strong alcohol burn first hence the abv. Peach ice tea, stainless steel flask and raspberry marmalade. Very metallic... Water helps to get away from those metallic qualities to begin with and opens in up slowly in time. Savory first: Beef stew, broth and butter. It evolves sweeter: Caramelized pecan, sour cherry juice and red currant jam. A rather shy nose...

Palate: Actually despite the high abv it is packed with flavors even before adding water. Marzipan, prunes and raisins. Wet wool, leather and pipe tobacco. Oh, adding water works miracles: Peppermint leaves, eucalyptus drops and wintergreen Altoids. Incredibly minty... Aged rum, grape molasses and Turkish figs. Almond croissants, melting butter and cookie dough. Cinnamon and nutmeg. It's chewy and thick, great mouthfeel.

Finish: Very very long with peppermint, rum and vanilla. Cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Overall: I was worried after trying to pull descriptors from a very mute nose first but what an impressive palate and finish to follow it despite its young age. A very well timed decision to bottle this whisky after only eight years. Loving it... But the big "Thank You..!" goes to my dear friend Jens Fisher a.k.a. Whisky Quiz for sending me this bottle all the way from Holzbunge to Los Angeles just because he knows that I would appreciate a good Glentauchers... Jens, you are an amazing friend..! Thanks..!

Price: €65