Tormore 15yo...

Tormore 15yo (46.0%): One of my small auction wins from last year... I enjoy finding cheap odd balls like this on online auctions that I can afford and no one ever will bid on. Apparently Allied Distillers released this bottling as a part of a series back in late 90s and besides this 15yo Tormore they released expressions from Glengurgie, Glencadam, Glentauchers, Imperial, Miltonduff and Dumbarton distilleries as well. Tormore is actually one of the new(ish) distilleries in Scotland which started to distill in 1961 under the ownership of Long John Distillers. Unlike the industrial looking distilleries from its era the building complex is surprisingly beautiful. Today the distillery is a part of Pernod Ricard group and although they mainly produce whisky for Ballantine's blends they do have newly released 14yo and a 16yo expressions available. By the way I am loving the screw cap already...

Color: Light amber with satisfying fast moving legs.

Nose: Green almonds, dried orange slices and honey syrup... Over brewed green tea, hint of peat and flan. Dry malt and fresh saw dust. Alarmingly dusty and chalky. I hope it is not badly oxidized... Damp basement, freshly cleaned dive bar counters and lemon scented Lysol.

Palate: That faint peat on the nose is a touch more pronounced on the palate. Sweet malt, oatmeal cookies and bees wax. White pepper, over brewed tea again and pencil shavings. Kinda goes downhill seconds after the first taste with notes hinting oxidation: wet cardboard box, bitter tonic, green wood shavings you mostly get from craft distillery products and aloe vera.

Finish: Longer than I expected and spicy... White pepper, glossy old magazines and aquavit.

Overall: Unfortunately it is oxidized but still drinkable if you can deal with that overall bitterness and with wet cardboard and raw wood notes. I definitely can but at the end it is what it is... I wish it was in better shape. I'll probably sip it a few more times but I believe it will end up in my infinity bottle eventually.

Price: €70