Four Roses Small Batch Select...

Four Roses Small Batch Select (52.0%): Small Batch Select is the first new addition to the Four Roses core line-up after a very long time. It is blended from bourbons all six or seven years old using six of ten different Four Roses recipes: OBSV, OBSK, OBSF, OESV, OESK and OESF. If you want to decipher all ten different Four Roses recipes and learn more about them simply click this "link". It is bottled at 104 proof and non-chill filtered. 

Color: Deep clear copper with faint but persistent legs.

Nose: Brown sugar, peanut brittles and rubber. Cookie dough, nutmeg and bubble gum. Cinnamon Altoids, milk chocolate and raisins.

Palate: Cinnabons, nutmeg dusting and lots of toasted oak. Was getting ready for a thicker palate but this whiskey has a much thinner mouthfeel than I expected. Feels like there is no need for water. Dried flowers, allspice and caramel popcorn. Spearmint and raisins.

Finish: Long with cinnamon, rose petals, roasted peanuts and a little peppermint.

Overall: It is good... I definitely would enjoy a thicker mouthfeel but let it be the only complaint. About the price tag: Would I prefer two bottles of a regular Small Batch or a bottle of considerably cheaper Single Barrel instead..? Don't know... In the end $55 for a bottle of a good bourbon is not a steep price tag these days but if your line-up as a distillery is already very solid it is pretty hard to carve a new place for a new product. For now I will enjoy this bottle till I run out and then decide if I am going to purchase another one or not. Definitely recommended...

Price: $55