The Glenrothes Whisky Maker's Cut...

The Glenrothes Whisky Maker's Cut (48.8%): Even though I had the chance to taste the entire new line-up of The Glenrothes at Whisky Live Los Angeles I didn't have the time to sit down and scrabble some tasting notes till today. After Edrington Group purchased the brand from Berry Bros. & Rudd the entire portfolio got revamped. New expressions got released, the vintages got dropped and age statements are brought back with a few new additional no age statement bottlings. Basically the line-up is divided in two collections now named "The Aqua Collection" and "The Soleo Collection". Whisky Maker's Cut is from the latter one and although it is been said that the whisky in this particular batch is around 16 years old it is actually the only NAS release in the collection. It is matured exclusively in first-fill sherry casks and bottled at a higher strength compared to the other whiskies in their catalog.

Color: Honey, light amber with thick, oily and very persistent legs.

Nose: Hint of sulphur but very tolerable and also fades out pretty much to nothing with airing. Vanilla, prunes and overripe baby bananas. Glazed orange peels, old buckskin jackets and dried oleaster. Four berries jam and Mexican hot chocolate. Noses like a properly aged sherried whisky, very satisfying for now I have to admit.

Palate: Matches perfectly the nose... Golden raisins, nutmeg, cloves and unsalted butter. Cocoa powder, crystallized ginger and toasted oak. The more I sip the more it grows in me. Kumquat jam, wet tobacco leaves and cooked dried fruits. Orange peel, orange blossom honey and sweet blackberries with a very pleasing thick and oily texture.

Finish: Medium with Concord grape jelly and black pepper.

Overall: This is quite a pleasant surprise... I very much liked it. I sincerely hope that its taste profile won't change in future batches but this is definitely a hell of a start. Everything you would expect from a sherry cask matured whisky: Dried fruits, honey, baking spices and candied citrus peels all blended in a syrupy thick mouthfeel. Recommended for all sherry matured whisky lovers out there. Still surprised how good it is actually.

Price: $90