Jean Fillioux 1992...

Jean Fillioux 1992 (42.0%): Random non-whisky sample day... This one is from House of Jean Fillioux which is a small family house in the midst of Grand Champagne region producing high end cognacs since 1894. 1992 vintage is matured in new French oak casks for 21 years and bottled and released in September 2013.

Color: Medium amber with a red hue, Mahogany... With thin and fast moving legs. 

Nose: Freshly picked mushrooms, grape molasses and vintage buckskin jacket. Apricot and peach compote, whole cloves and cinnamon horchata. Very dairy, creamy and fruity... Definitely a more engaging nose than I was getting ready for.

Palate: Sweet and funky... Damp gardening soil and mold. Dry toasted oak and aged rum. Spiced hot chocolate, ground cloves and candied dried apricots. Apricot cheesecake, fruit Danish and birch beer.

Finish: Longer than I usually expect from a cognac with sweet molasses, cloves and cinnamon. Mouth drying...

Overall: A surprisingly sweet and funky cognac. Definitely not a big blending house style but I wish it was tad less sweet and botlled at a higher abv for a thicker the texture. It also carried some dairy notes from the nose to finish which I enjoyed quite a lot. Thanks to Derek Kendzor for arranging this sample.

Price: $150