Paul John Bold...

Paul John Bold (46.0%): Bold is the only core range expression from Paul John line-up that I didn't review here before. Well, better late than sorry... The whisky is distilled from 100% peated malted barley and the bottle I have on my desk today carries the batch number 06 and bottling date February'17. Although the entire range of Paul John is distilled from six-row barley harvested from Himalayas and dried using peat imported from Scotland, Bold uses 100% Islay peat compared to Peated Select Cask which uses 70% Islay and 30% Highland peat.

Color: Dark yellow gold with long, slow and very distinct legs.

Nose: Incredibly doughy and creamy... Sweet peated malt, honey roasted nuts and Mexican flan. Roasted sunflower seeds, rice pudding with cinnamon dusting and candied citrus peels. Wildflower honey, mead and roasted sesame brittles. Actually Paul John is the only distillery that I know of bringing peaty and creamy qualities so well together making it hard to believe that the whisky in our glass is not a well crafted blended malt but a single malt. Such a marvelous nose...

Palate: Peat is more prominent on the palate than it was on the nose. It is not aggressive or overpowering by any means but it is more like ash or dry soot compared to the roasted nuts and seeds aromas on the nose and also a little medicinal: Hydrogen peroxide, sterilized gauze pads and swimming pool. Black peppercorns, toasted oak and grilled tropical fruits. Grilled pineapples and papayas. Some warm sea breeze and rock salt.

Finish: Medium long with black pepper, cigarette ash and honey.

Overall: I am not quite sure if their whiskies are getting better or if they grew on me in time but I definitely enjoy every expression in their current line-up more and more... This is an exceptionally balanced session whisky with right amount of peat, right texture, right abv and right price tag... I can drink this all day and all night any time of the year and wouldn't complain a bit. Thanks to Whisky Monster for the sample and sorry for the delay..!

Price: $60