Roger Groult Calvados Doyen d'Age...

Roger Groult Calvados Doyen d'Age (41.0%): Random sample pick Sunday and it is a Calvados from Roger Groult, their Doyen d'Age... Roger Groult is a family owned brand led by its fifth generation today located at the "Clos de la Hurvaniere" estate in the heart of Pay's d'Auge. The estate has more than 6,000 apple trees spread on 24 hectares growing 30 different apple varieties. The cider they produce is distilled twice in their wood fired alembic style small pot stills. The spirit is aged in very old oak casks owned by the family for more than hundred years using their own solera like method basically not allowing the casks to be emptied totally anytime and bottled non chill-filtered. There isn't any age statement on the label but Roger Groult hints on their website the Doyen d'Age being a blend of very old stocks from their cellar. 

Color: Medium amber, orange blossom honey with fat but fast legs around the glass.

Nose: Very subtle... Not muted but subtle. Poached apples, apple cobbler and warm cinnamon buns. Unsalted butter and vanilla.

Palate: Beautiful texture, it's silky and jammy. Rose water, apple compote and eau de vie. Raspberry marmalade and sage honey. Burnt top milk pudding with cinnamon and nutmeg dusting.

Finish: Short with warm milk, cinnamon and spiked cider.

Overall: I'll be honest, the most memorable thing from this Calvados is it's soft, silky and almost slippery texture. It was quite amazing... Other than that even though there isn't anything not to like about the spirit it also didn't give anything to rave about. It sure tastes good with all those vanilla, cinnamon, poached apple and dairy notes and it sure is old and mature but I in the end I really couldn't justify the price tag attached to its neck. Many thanks to Derek Kendzor for arranging this sample.

Price: $165