Ben Nevis 10yo...

Ben Nevis 10yo (46.0%): Ben Nevis is owned by Nikka  since 1989 and almost three quarter of its new make is sent directly to Japan to be used in several Nikka owned blends later mainly for Nikka Pure Malt Black and White and probably for All Malt as well. Lately their 10yo expression got relaunched with a new bottle and label design but what I will be tasting today is an old label pre-2017 bottling.

Color: Yellow gold, Chardonnay with fat and quick legs coating the glass.

Nose: Quite a balance of grassy, fruity and herbal aromas: Spearmint, fresh fennel and Granny Smith apples. Bosc pears slices and orange blossom honey. It noses like an older whisky... Cooked prunes and raisins, lightly brewed earl grey tea and hint of very delicate peat. Great combination both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry cask matured whiskies.

Palate: It also tastes like an older whisky. It is malty, chewy and warming, very old school. It tastes almost like a dusty Scotch from 80s. with a chalky mouthfeel. Loving it... Golden Delicious apples, Terry's Orange Chocolate and sweet baking spices. Pebbles, ground ginger and touch of white pepper.

Finish: Long and warming... Cellar funk, hot chocolate and old and damp glossy magazines.

Overall: I liked it very much... At this price category I would put this bottle right next to Benromach and Springbank 10 year olds. It also reminds me old Glenmorangie bottlings from late 90s. All the better qualities of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, thick and oily texture with very subtle amount of peat. Perfect sipper for colder Autumn and Winter nights with a great price-tag attached to it.

Price: $60