Chateau de Lacquy 1996...

Chateau de Lacquy 1996 (47.0%): Random pick from my sample yard kinda day... It is an Armagnac produced by Chateau de Lacquy which I received as a result of a bottle share quite a long time ago. Chateau de Lacquy is owned by the same family since 1711 and they are in Armagnac business for more than 300 years. I strongly recommend to visit their website by the way. They have tons of information about their terroir, production style and Armagnac in general.

Color: Medium amber, polished copper with thin and stationary legs.

Nose: Dry clay, grape seeds and vintage furniture. Golden raisins and dried currants. Chalk, black cellar mold and fresh spearmint leaves. Green Chartreuse and star anise. Quite marvelous nose...

Palate: Silky mouthfeel... Paprika, cinnamon and nutmeg. Walnut and almond skins, overripe sweet table grapes and aged grappa. Dry farm soil and dirt.

Finish: Long with red pepper flakes, powdered ginger and crushed grape seeds.

Overall: I am being very lucky lately. Everything I tasted after I got locked in our apartment ended up being a treat... This is a great Armagnac with marc-like qualities from the nose to the finish which made this big marc fan very happy today... I wonder if they crush and ferment their grapes as whole cluster. I am getting all those beautiful earthy and vegetal notes I usually get when stalks, stems and seeds are involved in fermentation. Very impressed... I definitely will be looking for more Armagnacs from Chateau de Lacquy to taste in the future.

Price: $125