Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Straight Bourbon...

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel "K&L Exclusive" Straight Bourbon (55.0%): So, when it comes to Wild Turkey single barrels it actually means a lot to their fans in which warehouse and where exactly in that warehouse the barrels have been aging. Some folks hunt their single barrel bottlings by following their favorite warehouses or sometimes even their favorite locations in those warehouses. This one is coming from Rickhouse CN F, Floor 6 and carries the barrel number #19-345. I am definitely not that knowledgable and those letters and numbers didn't make any sense to me when I first saw them on K&L's website but I did try to make a conscious decision. I really love the herbal, green and savory/musty qualities in Wild Turkey bourbons I rarely can find and the tasting notes of this barrel sounded more like what I was looking for compared to other two barrels they bottled at the same time. Let's see if I did ok...

Color: Deep copper with a gorgeous orange hue and oily and very thick legs. 

Nose: Bitter greens, raw green asparagus and fresh dill. Fresh fennel, green moss and decaying leaves. Everything I was hoping for... Loose green tea leaves and milk chocolate. Light coat of newly applied furniture varnish, game meat and beer yeast: Belgian saison.

Palate: Cloves, wildflower honey and birch wood. Candle wax and dry clay. Bunsen burner, rock salt and paprika. It's a little hot at this abv. Adding a couple drops of water thins out the mouthfeel a tiny bit but it also dials the spices down and makes the whiskey way more approachable. Bitter almonds, fresh walnut skin and cheese and dill scones. Seaweed, brunt caramel and skillet scrapings.

Finish: Long with red pepper flakes, bitter almonds and cloves.

Overall: Yes, I really scored good with this one. Exactly what I was looking for... It is as savory as a bourbon possibly can get. It's herbal, mossy, earthy and spicy. Loving it... Special thanks to K&L team for taking the chance on a cask like this. I know it is not a crowd pleaser but like I mentioned before it was exactly what I was looking for.

Price: $65