Springbank Society 15yo Fresh Port Hogsheads...

Springbank Society 15yo Fresh Port Hogsheads (56.2%): These are the time to open new bottles at home... Here is a Springbank Society release from last year bottled from a vat of fresh Port hogheads. Casks are filled in May 2003 and bottled in September 2017 yielding 1,020 bottles in total at cask strength.

Color: Polished copper with an orange hue with thin but slow moving legs and visible minuscule sediments.

Nose: Four berry jam, strawberry juice and raspberry syrup. Fresh red currants and cranberry juice. It is dusty, sweet and tart. Airing it a few minutes allows some herbal and green aromas evolve: Fresh dill, fennel and dandelion leaves. Cinnamon sticks, cloves and Yellow Chartreuse. So far so good...

Palate: Less sweet than the nose suggested like expected... Red pepper flakes, cloves and cinnamon. Raspberry jam, touch of sulphur, forest ground and decomposing leaves. Dried cranberries, black cherry soda and old wood. Kriek lambic and vintage port.

Finish: Long and tart... Kinda mouthwatering with sour cherry juice, pebbles and dried strawberries.

Overall: It is definitely not your everyday Springbank but that's exactly what we expect from Society bottles. Incredibly lush, red and jammy on the nose with herbal add-ons and tart almost Gueuze-like on the palate with a juicy finish. You have all the Springbank dustiness in the background and perfect amount of peat to envelope all the oddities. Like I said it's not a whisky you would fill in your glass over and over in one sitting but definitely a whisky you can study longterm port maturation compared to short time port finishes.

Price: £65