Copper & Kings "4 Cr&ftwerks and the Floodwall" Part II...

And Part II... Continuing where we left off yesterday. I have one more sample from "Cr&ftwerk" series and the apple brandy "Floodwall" left for today from Copper & Kings' portfolio to talk about today. If you would like to check Part I first where I babbled about the other three "Cr&ftwerk" expressions please click here.

Copper & Kings "Cr&ftwerk" Oskar Blues IPA aged Brandy (55.5%): This bottling is a blend of brandies which spent their last 12 months of maturation in barrels previously held two different IPAs. The casks were sourced from the same brewery, Oskar Blues of Longmont, Colorado and the IPAs were "G'Knight" and "Deviant Dale's".

Color: Medium amber, copper color with thin and fast moving legs.

Nose: Pine needles, forest floor and decaying fruits. Loose Earl Grey tea leaves, dried mango and hint of barbecue smoke. Burlap sacks, hops and ground coriander. Adding water helps to bring down the tannins. Now there is a pleasant brewed black tea aroma with lime and lemon peel.

Palate: Bitter... Lemon peel and salted yellow grapefruits slices. One can really taste the juicy IPA with all the tropical and herbal notes in the back. A couple drops of water work great... Rosemary leaves, brewer's yeast and blood oranges. Less bitter now... A little soapy but I didn't mind to be honest. Filled with tropical notes like dried pineapple rings, passion fruit and papaya slices.

Finish: Long with hops and citrus zest.

Overall: It is not something people easily would fall in love with but for a beer lover like myself it definitely works. I still like "Dark Lord" and "Sierra Nevada Smoked Porter" the most among all four expressions.

Price: $50

Copper & Kings Floodwall Apple Brandy (50.0%): And the last sample from Copper & Kings for a while. It is an apple brandy named "Floodwall" is matured in Oloroso hogsheads.

Color: Dark copper color with oily and slow moving legs.

Nose: A little mute in the beginning. Melted butter, cold apple compote and moldy wine cellar. Apple butter..! Lightly toasted oak and vanilla pods.

Palate: Wow... I was expecting a palate sneaking in like a Calvados but I ended up with a spirit resembling heavily sherried malt whiskies. Actually it reminded me sherry cask matured Fukano and Ohishi rice whiskies a lot... Anyway, tasting notes: Scottish tablets, salted caramel brittles and more butter. Cooked mushrooms, apple sauce and clotted cream. The buttery and silky texture on the palate is simply amazing.

Finish: Long with butter, cinnamon sugar and apple sauce.

Overall: Not what I expected at all but I liked it... I liked it a lot actually. 35 bucks for this bottle is an incredibly good price. I know that it is a horrible cliche and I already hate myself writing it down but yes, it is an apple brandy to convince your whisky loving friend to try more brandies... At least to show people how wide the range of apple brandies can be.

Price: $35