Malt Nuts Ardmore tasting Part II...

Continuing the Malt Nuts Ardmore tasting where we left off yesterday. Here is Part II... If you didn't have the chance to look at Part I yet and would like to skim through first please click the link.

Thanks again to Josh Peters a.k.a. The Whiskey Jug for sharing all the detailed info about the bottles with me.

1D - Battlehill Ardmore 6yo (58.0%):

Color: Oaked white wine color with thin but very slow legs.

Nose: Noses like a slightly peated low end blended Scotch. Thin, just a touch smoky and citrusy but not unpleasant in general. Lemon custard, citrus scented wet wipes and pound cake.

Palate: A little hot at this abv. White pepper, cookie dough and ground coriander. Soapy and harsh... Still feels like a low end blend. I'm getting a taste like using a glass the dishwasher right after it finished its cycle. Tried to add a couple drops of water but it didn't help at all... Got watery right away and fell apart.

Finish: Medium but mostly with young alcohol burn and some ground ginger.

Overall: This bottling is the one I cared less till now... It's bland and completely uninspiring. I don't know how much this bottle cost but I certainly can name much better blends than this bottle in $30 - $35 range.


1E - Creative Whisky Co. Ardmore 8yo (#003) (50.0%):

Color: Back to unoaked white wine color, straw. Again thin lacing with persistent legs around the glass.

Nose: Fuel oil driven engine room, charcoal ash and poached apples. Tar and linseed oil. Very young and spirit driven.

Palate: Oh, not what I expected (hope for) after the nose... Less peat and more perfumy. Dried lavender, jonquils and flavored sparkling water. Lavender soap and fresh coriander. A very distant reminder of FWP which immediately made me compare it to some very young Bowmore's from 90s. Pebbles and dried flowers.

Finish: Medium with salted caramel drops and Sigg water bottles.

Overall: Well, it definitely tasted ok after the Battlehill (1D) but still doesn't offer anything to remember... Another pass for me especially after being reminded of FWP...

1F - Creative Whisky Co. Ardmore 8yo (#018) (50.0%):

Color: Rich yellow gold with oily and fast moving legs.

Nose: Hot apple cider, cinnamon and overbaked cookies. Old yellowed newspapers and oysters. Sea salt, sunflower oil and new sneakers.

Palate: Not an immediate burst of peat on the palate. It's there but buried way deep. Pear and apple compote, straws and rock candies. After airing a little peat builds up more. Honey syrup and bitter greens.

Finish: Medium with white and black peppercorns and ash.

Overall: Although it isn't a whisky which would make me go out to look for a bottle it surely was the better one of these three. How many more Creative Whisky Co. casks more do you need for a single Ardmore tasting? Definitely more...


To be continued...