Malt Nuts Ardmore tasting Part III...

Continuing the Malt Nuts Ardmore Extravaganza with its smallest flight Part III. Please click on Part I and Part II if you want to start with previous posts first.

2A - Mossburn Ardmore 9yo (46.0%):

Color: Almost clear, just a pale tint of yellow when you hold against the light. Oily legs running slowly.

Nose: Dandelion leaves, bitter greens and seaweed. Pretty mute, green and dusty. Chalk, collard greens and cooked vegetables.

Palate: Oatmeal raisin cookies, underbrewed green tea and Ricola honey-herb cough drops. Dry malt and mineral water.

Finish: Medium with white pepper, ground ginger and alcohol burn.

Overall: Incredibly underwhelming whisky... Like you poured Scotch in a tumbler with a cube of ice in a party and couldn't sip it fast enough while socializing and now it's too late. From nose to finish you have to work hard to detect some notes to write down... Nothing offensive about it at all but somehow doesn't deliver when you think that it actually could.


2B - Single Cask Nation Ardmore 8yo (56.9%):

Color: Bright yellow gold with impressive textured legs.

Nose: Nutmeg, all spice and sesame seeds. Fireplace ash, charcoal and buckskin. Green pears and green plums. A couple drops of water releases the peat: Diesel fuel, wet beach sand and grease.

Palate: Beef stew, cumin and olives. Juniper berries, lemon rind and candle wax. Very textured and thick on the tongue. Water adds some creaminess which I liked a lot. Maltier and tad sweeter now. Damson plums, pine honey and rosemary leaves.

Finish: Long with toasted oak, good amount of peat and olives.

Overall: Well, this one is definitely my favorite so far. Although it is not a very layered whisky it's viscous, textured and in the end quite satisfying. I really wouldn't mind to have a bottle at home.


Thanks to Josh Peters a.k.a. The Whiskey Jug for the all bottle info.

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