Malt Nuts Ardmore tasting Part IV...

And the last installment of the four part Malt Nuts Ardmore tasting. If you want to read the previous posts first please click on Part IPart II and Part III.

3A - Creative Whisky Co. Ardmore 8yo (#002) (50.0%):

Color: Oaked white wine with small teardrops all around the glass.

Nose: Very coastal compared to all the other samples I tried before. Almost Caol Ila-esque... Sea spray, beach sand and bonfire ash. Underripe white peaches, vintage bookstore smell and ground ginger. A pretty exciting start...

Palate: Ocean water, sea salt and lightly toasted wood. Green almonds, ground coriander and salted fish.

Finish: Long with brine, peat and dried pineapple.

Overall: It is quite early to say but we might have a winner here. Textbook ex-bourbon barrel maturation... It felt peatier than any other sample I tasted in this tasting... It might be one of the Ardmores being aged in ex-Laphroaig barrels. Anyway, right now I am really enjoying to sip this whisky... 3B will need to wait for a while. 

3B - Creative Whisky Co. Ardmore 8yo (#011) (50.0%):

Color: Almost the same as 3A. Color, the way the teardrops look, everything...

Nose: Noses like a much darker whisky. Salted caramel brittles, allspice and poached apples.  Golden raisins and apple cinnamon sauce. Hints of a second or third fill sherry cask.

Palate: Very soft and creamy texture. Cream soda, Werther's Original candies and caramel filling. Mouthwatering... Milk chocolate and caramel pralines. 

Finish: Long and still delivering all kinds of caramel and toffee related notes.

Overall: This turned out to be a very good final flight... Second good whisky in a row.  Getting excited for the last two now..!

3C - Creative Whisky Co. Ardmore 8yo (#017) (50.0%):

Color: This one is deep dark gold with thick but fast legs.

Nose: Sawdust and saw blade burn. Pine lumber... Like entering a messy carpenter's shop. Dried fish, dark raisins and prunes.

Palate: Wow, this is tasty and layered... Cake batter, grated lemon zest and orange blossom honey. Honeysuckle, marzipan and cookie dough.

Finish: Long with raw honey and condensed milk.

Overall: Although 3A would still be my personal preference because of all the ex-bourbon cask notes I love if I had to choose I have to admit here that this one is a better whisky. Lovely cask...


3D - SMWS 66.133 Farm Salad 12yo (57.6%):

Color: Yellow gold with nice coating around the glass.

Nose: Old newspapers, cumin and pronounced peat. Airing allows some bitter greens and green asparagus. Citrus aromas evolve after adding water. Yellow grapefruit, pomelo peel and lemon juice.

Palate: Very doughy... Cookie dough, vanilla and orange pound cake. It is impressively drinkable at this abv but I will add water regardless: Lemon cookies and yellow Chartreuse.

Finish: Long with white pepper, lemon zest and decent amount of peat.

Overall: Last flight of this tasting has been a real treat... I truly enjoyed all of these four whiskies. Although this one was the one highest abv it was so approachable and easy going. Solid bottling from SMWS...


Thanks to Malt Nuts for all these samples and to Josh Peters a.k.a. The Whiskey Jug for the all bottle info. It was a great four part tasting I enjoyed immensely throughout the week...