Darroze Domaine de Lamarquette 1985...

Darroze Domaine de Lamarquette 1985 (48.7%): And for the the 4th day of the "One Darroze a Day" series  I have a sample of their 1985 vintage. The Armagnac in the bottle is sourced from Domaine de Lamarquette and distilled exclusively from Baco grapes.

Color: Polished copper, medium amber with very slow evolving thin legs all around the glass.

Nose: The whole room filled with aromas the moment I poured the small sample into my glass... Grape skins, cinnamon and cloves. Raisins, carrot cake and wet wool sweaters. Brewed green tea and cellar mold.

Palate: Old decaying wood, olive pits and grape seeds. Tannic and bitter... Ground coriander, whole cloves and sage.

Finish: Long with green peppercorns and over-brewed green tea.

Overall: I like Armagnacs on the savory side but this one is a little bitter rather than being savory. Tannins are a bit on the heavy side and it's not an easy drinker to be honest but it show its age nicely and actually a long airing helps a good amount to dial down the tannic notes. In the end I am glad that I have this in my glass right now in this beautiful sunny Southern California afternoon.

Price: $110