Darroze Domaine de Monturon 2003...

Darroze Domaine de Monturon 2003 (49.7%): Today I am starting a five part series of Darroze tastings of different vintages and different estates. As most of you may already know Darroze is one of the most well known Armagnac producers out there and their bottlings are distributed all around the globe. As a negociant they work with many different estates and this brandy is sourced from Domaine de Monturon. When I was trying to find more info about the estate I stumbled upon an amazing story on Darroze's web site about the owner Monsieur Bachala being a lion tamer in the Cirque Zavatta before he started to produce Armagnac in late 70's. I thought it was a fun fact to share... The brandy is distilled 100% from Baco grapes and aged in French oak barrels made from oak trees harvested locally.

Color: Deep amber, orange blossom honey with small and fast moving legs.

Nose: Starts like a pretty generic Armagnac: Toasted oak, worn-out leather upholstery and cigar butts. Allowing it to air adds some more: Cooked raisins, prunes and chestnut honey. Pear skins, cinnamon and cloves.

Palate: Butter, dried dates and brown Muscavado sugar. Grape molasses, rock candy and black pepper.

Finish: Long with black and red peppercorns, toasted oak and toffee.

Overall: Although it is a very tasty Armagnac without a doubt I remember having Armagnacs from Darroze's non-vintage and cheaper line-up I enjoyed more before. It is a little linear from nose to finish and it's not allowing a multi layer tasting experience for my two cents. But again, it's a good brandy for sure. Well, this one was the youngest vintage amongst five and I am excited even more now about the other four coming.

Price: $85