Darroze Domaine de Tillet 1975...

Darroze Domaine de Tillet 1975 (40.4%): And today is the last day of the "One Darroze a Day" series... It is a 1975 vintage sourced from Domaine de Tillet and distilled exclusively from Baco grapes.

Color: It has the darkest color among all five vintages I tasted. Dark amber, chestnut honey with oily and fast moving legs.

Nose: Sweet and fruity... Late harvest white wine, balsamic vinegar and eucalyptus. Brown sugar syrup, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg.

Palate: A little thin in texture and tannic. Old wood, grape seeds and grape leaves. Sweet and sour... Old dry sherry, white cranberry juice and underripe cherries. Mouth drying with tart mulberries and black currants: Cassis...

Finish: Long with white pepper, ground ginger and chalk.

Overall: Whenever I pour an old spirit like this I like to go online and google what was happening that year in the world. It kinda helps me to appreciate and respect more what I am about to sip... In 1975, the year they distilled this brandy and put it in the cask, Gerald Ford was the president of US, Jaws was the #1 blockbuster in the world and Derby County were the champions of English Football League holding the cup for the last time... Amazing, isn't it..? Let it sink for a minute first...

Now, back to the bottle... I can easily say that you get everything you would expect from a very old Armagnac. It's tannic, tart, fruity and chalky. A pleasure to take your time and sip it slowly... It opens up with airing quite well and really benefits from some patience. It was such a great experience to taste five different vintages from the Darroze library in five consecutive days. My favorite was 1994 from Domaine de Martin but all of them were fantastic spirits. Thanks to Derek Kendzor for organizing these bottle splits a couple years back.

Price: $155