Delord Napoleon...

Delord Napoleon (40.0%): Today I have another sample bottle on my desk this morning and another Armagnac... This one is from a widely distributed producer DelordDelord was one of the first brands available around with Darroze and Laubade when I was first starting to discover Armagnacs almost ten years ago. It is one of their entry level blends and although being labeled as Napoleon which actually indicates that the youngest component in the blend is at least six years old according to their website this particular expression is ten years old. Like all of the other Delord blends it is blended from brandies distilled using Ugni blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche and Baco grape varieties.

Color: Pretty dark for its age... Medium amber, orange blossom honey color with thin but slow moving legs.

Nose: Glazed orange peel, clementine soda and carpenter's shop. Dry cork and effervescent vitamin C tablets dissolving in a glass. 

Palate: Quite thin on the palate. Dried orange slices, orange liquor and citrus flavored sparkling water. The abv feels like even less than 40%. It's incredibly easy to drink which makes it a little underwhelming to be honest.

Finish: Short with bitter citrus zest, white pepper and burnt wood shavings.

Overall: Although I didn't get any offensive or faulty notes in general it is kind an unmemorable brandy. It definitely is fairly priced and I have nothing to say about it but if you are up for spending maybe another ten dollars you can find a wide variety of Armagnacs in the market which are more complex and layered. Thanks again to Michael Ries, the fearless leader of Southern California Whiskey Club for the sample.

Price: $40